Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dave Liebman

Dave Liebman performed with Elvin until Miles asked Dave to join him. Dave told Miles to ask Elvin. Elvin told Dave, "If Miles asks, you have to go."

I once sat in with Dave in Urbana, Illinois at Nature's Table. We played Coltrane's "India." After the set, Dave sat at Joel Spencer's kit and turned into Elvin. I asked Dave if I could study with him through a NEA grant. I didn't get the grant.

When I was planning the recording with Elvin, I emailed Dave to find out how to contact Elvin. Dave said that the only way was to ask him in person. I told Milo Petersen who said, "I know who is picking him up at the airport, Gregg Keplinger." Gregg told Elvin that there were some local guys who wanted to record with him. Elvin said yes.

Two years later I decided to attend Dave's Saxophone Master Class. Dave said, "Good job with Elvin."

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