Monday, October 2, 2017

Shadow Wilson

"Shadow" Wilson was a favorite of Elvin. Shadow performed with Monk and Coltrane at the Five Spot. I believe that Elvin must have heard how comfortable Coltrane was with Shadow's wide swing. Shadow was Monk's favorite drummer.

Elvin came to New York from Detroit to audition for Benny Goodman. When Elvin didn't get the gig. "Then they told me 'you know Shadow Wilson was here yesterday and he didn’t make
it either!' (Laughs) So I didn’t feel so bad when I heard about that."

When Coltrane formed his own band, he had already played with many great drummers. Did he pick Elvin because he sounded like Shadow?

On Elvin's self titled release, he performs "Shadowland," a beautiful ballad written by Sara Cassey. Elvin copies Shadow's quiet accompaniment on slow songs.

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